Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Breaking Dawn Set Photos - Isle Esme Has Had A Makeover!

Take a look at these before and after photos of Isle Esme. The production crew have certainly been busy and seem to have turned what was a grassy knoll into a sandy, tropical beach. (Also - just in are pictures of Rob & Kristen arriving to shoot their waterfall scenes. Click here to see the brand new pics!)

What do you think of the house that has been chosen for the most important scenes in Breaking Dawn? ;)

You  can see the sand being added and other photos of the Breaking Dawn set in this YouTube video -

New pic found at Twifans


  1. I HATE the house. in the book it's a small house with like 5 rooms or so, not a huge one.

  2. I can so see that being the scene in the movie

  3. This is going to be too cool!!!! The place looks much better with sand instead of grass.