Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Twilight Totes & Rob-session!

It is now a daily occurance that I pick up a magazine and see Rob, oh how I love the media sometimes, makes the days pass more quickly, no?

Anyway, this time it's 'Heat' that deserves my thanks, with TWO Twilight/Rob related articles in one magazine! Woop!

First off, a letter from a fan that simply says what we all think, but are too prudish to admit in public (TCA you know who u r!) -

Next up, some inspired Twilight Totes that Heat have found and promoted with an article in the mag (i'd imagine there is one happy ebay seller out there right now!). I checked these out and the shipping information says they ship worldwide so go order!!! -

1 comment:

  1. The article above describes my life to a "T." Although, I also include daily cleaning routines while listening to the audio versions of the books on my ipod. I've listened to all 4 at least 10 times. If this isn't enough, I call my friends and either talk on the phone about the books, movie, etc.. or meet them at the pool so we can discuss these things while our children swim. FANTASYLAND IS GREAT!!!