Thursday, 9 July 2009

'The Daily Mail' Asks Where Did All The Real Men Go? - Is Robert Pattinson Just Another Pretty Boy?

The Daily Mail have a new article up, looking at the ever growing popularity of the pretty boy in today's society. It goes without saying, that Robert Pattinson gets a mention -

"At dinner the other night, a group of us were playing that knockabout game of naming the famous person you and your spouse would have to waive normal rules for and allow each other to have a fling with.
You know the one, Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie for him, and, well, who exactly for you?

The women ummed and aahed and fell to wondering where it was that all the real men had gone.
Look around you and you’ll see that action heroes have been replaced by pretty boys.

Dr Lynda Boothroyd, a lecturer in evolutionary psychology at the University of Durham, recently conducted a survey to determine what kind of men women were attracted to as long-term partners, and found that they chose as the best potential long-term mates the 'feminine' faces they were shown, with wide eyes, finer features and thinner, more curved eyebrows.

The more masculine types, with larger noses, smaller eyes and thicker eyebrows, were viewed as less faithful and worse parents. It appears that women think a man with a square jaw will be out and about scattering his seed like a gardener on speed, instead of staying at home and being a good family man.
So it seems we have undergone a dramatic sea change in the kind of men that women of all ages are attracted to. Out goes Russell Crowe, in comes Ashton Kutcher (who, at 31, is happily married to 46-year-old Demi Moore).

It's one thing that the likes of Zac Efron and Twilight star Robert Pattinson are adorning the walls of our teenage daughters' bedrooms - they are, after all, near to them in age - but quite another that many of them are filling the beds of women many years their senior. Even women who have done their procreating are going for man-boys instead of 'real' men.

These days, no one wants to grow up, and where once the adage for a man was that he was as old as the woman he feels, it's now a case of women finding youth in the arms of boys. If you can't hold on to youth for yourself, you can at least wear it on your arm and hope in some vampiric way to absorb it into yourself."

To read the full unedited article click here.

Rob is pretty, and he is younger than me.... but that's not to say he isn't masculine.. Infact, in my opinion Rob is ALL MAN! tee hee x

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