Monday, 20 July 2009

Chris Weitz Talks Noot Seear As Heidi In New Moon -

Noot Seear will play Heidi in New Moon, and Chris Weitz has now spoken to WWD about the casting choice -

"The striking beauty is stepping up her career and appearing in the second installment of the Twilight films, entitled New Moon, where she will play a cliquey vampire named Heidi who runs in the exclusive Volturi circle. And with those killer green peepers and razor-sharp cheekbones, it’s unsurprising her main talent is luring human prey.

New Moon director Chris Weitz told WWD : “We wanted someone who had an unearthly and unlikely beauty, but could also convey humour and menace. It’s rare to find a stunningly attractive person who also happens to have the ability to act.” According to reports, Weitz also considered Beverly Hills 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord for the role."



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