Friday, 22 May 2009

Robert Pattinson Cannes 'Fan' Encounter -

Laura, a friend of Lainey Gossip's, fills us in on her close encounter with Rob at the Hotel Du Cap -

"I look up to see him walking in, in his fitted tux, no tie, a couple of buttons on his shirt undone, looking absolutely delicious. He's walking like he's on a runway, a far cry from his usual "please don't look at me" gait with slumped shoulders and a ducked head. Methinks that every once in a while, Mr. Pattinson enjoys kicking the wardrobe up a notch - and I'm not complaining.

I should probably explain that I'm a fan. A very enthusiastic RPattz fan. While Lainey swears that outwardly I remained cool, I felt my heart rate triple at that moment. And suddenly I was wide awake. He took a seat at a table opposite us, giving me a close and unrestricted view of him and, to quote Lainey, sending my loins into quiveration mode.

So did I shamelessly ogle him for the next two hours? You bet your sweet ass I did!

The boy is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. He chain smokes like crazy, and while I generally find that a disgusting habit, he looks ridiculously sexy doing it. In fact, he looked picture perfect every single time I glanced over at him. He was chatting animatedly with his manager and his agent, laughing and smiling, looking like a guy who was loving his life."

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