Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Moon Filming To Wrap In Vancouver May 21st -

The Vancouver Sun has an article about The Sun, a 'tabloid' here in the UK, recanting it's story about Stephenie Meyer being sued. (Which ofcourse they had to now that it's been officially denied by the lady herself). -

"VANCOUVER - A news report that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is being sued for plagiarism is now being reported as a hoax.

The Sun, a British-based tabloid newspaper, reported Sunday that the author is being sued by a former college roommate for stealing the idea for the wildly popular vampire romance series of books and films.

A publicist for Meyer issued a terse denial of the story Tuesday, saying that neither the author nor her publisher has been contacted about claims of plagiarism or a legal action.

"What was spread wildly on the Internet regarding a lawsuit was untrue", wrote Meyers publicist Elizabeth Eulberg in an e-mail to The Vancouver Sun.

The Sun in Britain has recanted its original story.

A number of Twilight websites erroneously reported that filming of the Twilight movie sequel New Moon had been halted as a result of the rumoured legal action, but production continues in Vancouver. New Moon is expected to wrap shooting in Vancouver May 21 and work on the third installment Eclipse will begin immediately afterward with the same director and stars."

So, by May 21st New Moon is finished with Forks. The party scene, the voting scene, dare i say it.... the break up scene... in less that a month, it's all done and dusted. But then we move to Italy... YAY!
(Poster found on a forum, originally posted to deviantart, but can't find creator, whoever you are , you are very clever. I love how Edward is fading away.... :( )


  1. AWW MAN! they are leaving vancouver in less than a month?UGH! I have to see them!

  2. do you no when there offically done filming .. are they going to be in italy for the summer?