Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Vancouver Sun Suggest Shooting Locations -

The VS have an article featuring suggestions to the production company shooting New Moon, as to where certain parts should be shot. The beginning of the article is below -

"VANCOUVER - Producers are revealing nothing of their plans for shooting the Twilight sequel New Moon. But they are here in Vancouver and they are shooting, under a fake name no less.
The reasons for the high security are obvious. Crowd control.

Reports that teenaged girls from all over North America are planning to travel to Vancouver for a mere glimpse of the production have been flowing in for many weeks.

The producers aren't talking, but we aren't hurt (well, maybe a little). But in the spirit of Canadian politeness and good business we'd like to offer the producers our suggestions for great backdrops for their bloody tale of chaste vampire love."

To read the rest of the article and their suggestions click here.

They also have a picture on there of what could be Forks High School (as posted here). It's sad that it won't look the same as in Twilight. :(

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