Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St Marcus Day on March 19th!!

The Twilight Examiner has kindly pointed out that Thursday is significant in the Twilight World!

"In Stephenie Meyer's New Moon, March 19th was a date of some significance - St. Marcus Day, the day when St. Marcus supposedly rid the Italian city of Volterra of all vampires (though secretly allowed for the Volturi vampires to hide out in the city without curiosity). The town of Volterra teemed with red as Bella and Alice raced through the streets to get to the would-be self-sacrificing Edward Cullen.

In honor of this intricate but important detail to the New Moon novel that we fan would like to see on screen, and to show your support for a faithful book-to-film translation of New Moon by Chris Weitz (one which would have Robert Pattinson amidst a sea of garnet and red celebrants of St. Marcus Day, with Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene, as Bella Swan and Alice Cullen, fighting against this sea of red to make it to Edward before the clock strikes twelve) wear something red this Thursday, March 19th.

Wear your red on Thursday and send your photos to thetwilightexaminer@gmail.com! Also, please comment below and let us know whether you plan to participate! Perhaps it will send the message across to our New Moon director Chris Weitz as well as our lovely cast and crew."

So, do as she asks and wear that red, people!!! I'd also be interested in receiving any photos of you guys too!!! And be sure to think of Edward (and Bella) when the clock strikes 12 this Thursday!


  1. Kayla Cullen =]18 March 2009 at 10:37

    hehe...thats tomorro!!! yay!!!
    And im gonna where as much red as i can fit into my school uniform =P

    P.S i made all my friends do it too =]


  2. Oh i am definitly in! Watch this space!

  3. Sure, I'll wear red to support St. Marcus.

  4. im wearing red tommorow but felling a little bad cause they say st.marcus day supposed to rid italy of vampires and im in love with vampires

  5. Cara from Australia19 March 2009 at 06:10

    We celebrated today by wearing red to our rainforest field trip for school. FUN AS!!

    vampires are forever...

  6. Alexandra Jorgenson20 March 2009 at 03:58

    i just sent you my picture! i had a great day wearing my red t-shirt and some VAMPTASTIC tennis shoe-heels. they were totally alice cullen style if i do say so myself :) thanks for this fun opportunity!


  7. what does edward mean in eclipse when he says theres only one thing he want to speed up and the rest can wait forever..it just about on the last page of the book...does he mean her heart??