Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Rachelle Lefevre Interview With Calgary Herald -

The Calgary Herald have an interview they did with Rachelle Lefevre which makes quite interesting reading. Rachelle, who plays Victoria in the saga, is quite an intelligent lady by the looks of things. Good job too, as Victoria is one of the more complex characters over the course of the next two installments. Here is an extract from the interview -

“I wanted Victoria to be playful and powerful, but not a sociopath. There’s no pathology to her evil. I think she’s just an example of what happens when you have absolute power: It corrupts absolutely,” she says.

“And let’s face it: If you were more powerful than every other person on the planet, you’d start looking at everyone else as inferior beings. Victoria also sees humans as food, too, which doesn’t help with the empathy.”

To read the rest of the interview click here. Thanks NMM
P.S - she really is quite stunning, isn't she!?

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  1. when i first saw her in the Twilight i wasnt convinced- maybe i couldnt see past her AWFUL wardrobe. (Printed slogan tee's?! WHO IS THE STYLIST?!!!)

    but now, i see her in the flesh she is a real beauty. Stunning skin, and perfectly pale.