Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Another Lainey Gossip Article -

Lainey Gossip is back on the case and has another article on the New Moon cast, with pictures! -

"I’ve lost track of what day this is. Every day, they’re all over my city.

Brief recap of last night since you all probably need to know what Robert Pattinson was doing? Have heard from multiple sources that they went to karaoke after dinner. Great. The Twihards have a new favourite activity. Karaoke!

Today it’s back to work. Here are Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed this morning heading out together, always inseparable whenever possible. Love it. And Nikki’s stock just shot up for wearing her glasses out. Eyes must still be stinging from the previous evening…? Some people refuse, absolutely REFUSE, to be seen in public with glasses on. Not Nikki. So my girlcrush on her is growing.

Also attached – Rachelle Lefevre, full Victoria blazing red, grabbing some coffee. Her scarves are beautiful. I want. "

Check out the original article here. And jeez, look at Rachelles hair, She is soooo ready to start filming!! (little squeal of excitement!!)

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