Friday, 26 November 2010

Breaking Dawn Movie Poster - Feathers!

Here is my second attempt at a Breaking Dawn movie poster, incorporating the Isle Esme honeymoon shot gifted to us by Bill Condon. Please send your attempts to and let me know what you think! -

Breaking Dawn Set Photos - Bill Condon Wishes America A Happy Thanksgiving -

Bill Condon gave a very special gift to Twilight fans this Thanksgiving. The photo, which he posted on the official Twilight Facebook page, has been confirmed by Summit as being Kristen's arm and depicts the all important scene from Isle Esme... where a pillow or two may get bitten.. ;) I am too excited for next November!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Breaking Dawn Set Photos - Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart A Piggy Back Ride!

Here are some recent photos from the beach in Paraty (where they have been filming the honeymoon scenes) of Rob and Kristen. It's noy entirely clear from the photos whether they were messing about or actually shooting a scene, but from the amount of crew members hanging about, I would guess at shooting a scene?


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Breaking Dawn Set Photos - Robert Pattinson On His Way To Lapa Set -

On his way to the Lapa set at the weekend, here is quite possibly the most gorgeous photo of Robert Pattinson I have seen in quite some time. Excuse me while I go and take some deep breaths... le sigh :)

Click to make Rob extra big ;)
Don't forget to check back on Twilight Treasury for all the latest on Breaking Dawn here.

Breaking Dawn Set Video - More Of Rob & Kristen Shooting Scenes In Lapa -

You get a real idea of the length of the scenes they were shooting in this great new video I found on Youtube. There is a great carnival atmosphere here and although I'm sure they will cut the great majority of this footage, I'm glad they've put the journey to the Isle Esme into the movie. It really shows the happiness they both feel at that point, before.. well, if you've read the book, you know what happens next!

P.S... the kisses in this video are pretty damn good too!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Breaking Dawn Set Photos - Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Arrive To Shoot Waterfall Scenes!

Rumours have been rife that Rob & Kristen will be shooting a scene at an unknown waterfall somewhere in Paraty, and as with most rumours about the Twilight Saga, there is usually no smoke without fire - yay! - so, we now finally have some new photos to show you.

Below are pictures of the delectable duo arriving for their scenes with the rest of the crew. Stay tuned to Twilight Treasury for more updates as we get them!


Breaking Dawn Set Photos - Isle Esme Has Had A Makeover!

Take a look at these before and after photos of Isle Esme. The production crew have certainly been busy and seem to have turned what was a grassy knoll into a sandy, tropical beach. (Also - just in are pictures of Rob & Kristen arriving to shoot their waterfall scenes. Click here to see the brand new pics!)

What do you think of the house that has been chosen for the most important scenes in Breaking Dawn? ;)

You  can see the sand being added and other photos of the Breaking Dawn set in this YouTube video -

New pic found at Twifans

Breaking Dawn Set News - Rob & Kristen Shoot Waterfall Honeymoon Scenes?


The Twilight Lexicon have very kindly compiled a list of everything we currently know about the days filming locations,  exactly what will be shot there and by whom.

 I am extremely excited about all the news coming in from Brazil! The setting looks absolutely stunning, as does the small amount of footage we have seen so far.

The fact that Robsten could be frolicking in a waterfall right now is almost too much!

Here is the list as promised, but beware of spoilers!

  • Filming in the waterfall area began early today
  • The area is not accessible barriers and security have the area sealed off
  • The most you can see are crew trucks
  • Stephenie Meyer is not at this location but it is believed that Rob and Kristen and their doubles are
  • Filming should shift later today to the Isle Esme location
  • It is believed that Stephenie Meyer will be at the Isle Esme location
  • There is a veritable flotilla of boats piled with photographers and fans anchored off the island at the 200 yard perimeter established and patrolled by the Brazilian navy. Anyone attempting to break the perimeter will have to deal with the Brazilian navy
  • Latest info has Edward jumping off a waterfall and then swimming up to Bella and kissing her. The risky parts of this will be done by stunt doubles the non-risky by Rob and Kristen Via( BlogTwiBrasil Team_TwilightBr FePattz) and (foforks)
  • Kristen is wearing a bikini and Rob board shorts (RKdaily)
  • The ambulance seen in the above picture is in case anyone was injured in filming the dive (TwiTeteia)
  • The waterfall scene is maybe 5 minutes  tops (Team_TwilightBr)

Keep checking back here on Twilight Treasury for all the latest Breaking Dawn news!

Breaking Dawn Shooting Schedule -

Lainey Gossip may be controversial in the Twilight world, but you can't say she doesn't know her stuff most of the time. She recently posted about the shoots in Brazil (and actually approves of the styling of Bella and Edward thus far) and included some Breaking Dawn set photos which I had also posted here.

The interesting part is at the bottom of her post, in which she tells us of the filming schedule for the coming weeks -

Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 are filming concurrently and not always in sequence. The two are expected to be in Rio all week. Filming then is scheduled, if everything goes smoothly, to resume in Louisiana on November 15th where they will shoot most interiors including the honeymoon interiors, the Volturi castle, and inside Bella’s house.

It may not be all that detailed, but atleast it gives is some idea as to what is likely to happen :)

Breaking Dawn Poster - My First Fan Attempt!

So, here is my first attempt at a Breaking Dawn poster now that we have some actual photos from the set. I'd love to see your own versions if you've done any? You can send them to to be posted on the site. You're welcome to use mine if you so wish, so long and you link back it's no probs at all :)

click the pics to make them big x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Breaking Dawn Set News - Isle Esme Honeymoon Location Confirmed!?

You are now looking at the set for the Cullen House on Isle Esme in Breaking Dawn. This is where Edward works his *cough* magic on Bella on their wedding night.... FoForks have confirmed the earlier rumours that this is where the all important scenes will be shot but don't expect much more info about this one, I'd imagine it's going to be a closed set... If you know what I mean ;)